bet36体育在线 Announces Winners of the Third Annual 亚历克斯 All-Star Educator Awards

Published January 26, 2022

The bet36体育在线 亚历克斯 All-Star Educator Awards honor outstanding K–12 and 高等教育 instructors who use 亚历克斯® to drive improved outcomes for their students

NEW YORK (January 26, 2022)bet36体育在线 today announced the winners of its third annual 亚历克斯 All-Star Educator Awards, an awards program honoring outstanding educators. This program, launched in 2019 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of bet36体育在线 亚历克斯®, recognizes K–12 teachers and 高等教育 instructors who have used the 亚历克斯 learning solution to achieve exceptional results, through extraordinary effort to help learners succeed.

"We are proud to recognize these incredible instructors who are using 亚历克斯 in unique and impactful ways, and making a difference in their students' lives,西蒙·艾伦说, bet36体育在线的首席执行官. "It's a joy to read through the nominations and see how educators have adapted and helped their students during a challenging year."

The winners of the 2021 亚历克斯 All-Star Educator Awards are:

K–12 Winners: 沙龙Beeson and Cece雅各布斯

沙龙Beeson teaches grades 4–6 at James Simons Montessori in Charleston, South Carolina. 沙龙使用 亚历克斯 to get a granular view of what skills her students need support with. Her students bring two of their favorite 亚历克斯 questions every Monday to discuss as a class.

Cece雅各布斯 is a 6th and 7th grade math teacher and basketball coach at Cheyenne Elementary School in Peoria, 亚利桑那州. Cece使用 亚历克斯 to differentiate instruction, support students with learning gaps, and meet her students where they are.

高等教育 Winners: 哈迪阿曼 and 伊丽莎白•彼得斯

哈迪阿曼 is a chemistry lecturer at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Hadi found success in getting his students to engage with 亚历克斯 every day and learned that those students who engaged daily in 亚历克斯 consistently improved their performance. Hadi presented his findings and faculty unanimously voted to use 亚历克斯 for General Chemistry.

伊丽莎白•彼得斯 是一个数学 & Statistics Lecturer at University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Elisabeth began using 亚历克斯 at UNCW in 2017 when she and her colleagues needed help getting all their students to a level of learning that would enable them to progress through the curriculum together. 从那时起, Elisabeth has helped dozens of colleagues in her department, and across the United States, learn how to integrate 亚历克斯 into their Precalculus courses.

bet36体育在线 亚历克斯® (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is a course assistant that helps math and chemistry educators forge constructive learning paths for students, blending personalized modules with instructor-driven assignments to ensure every student always has another block to build on their knowledge base. Since all students enter a course with varying levels of preparedness, educators can identify what their students know and don’t know and, 从那里, 亚历克斯 will deliver customized practice until they truly get it. 到目前为止, 亚历克斯 has helped more than 20 million students at thousands of K–12 schools, colleges and universities around the world. In other words, with 亚历克斯 by your side, learning more is a given.

The winners receive a $1,000 donation from bet36体育在线 to an education-focused non-profit or charity of their choice, a $250 gift card and a collection of bet36体育在线 books for professional development.


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